The Start of Something New

They say that “the secret to being happy is to accept where you are in life and to make the most of everyday”. I never truly understood this concept until about three weeks ago, when I was involved in a biking accident. A lady walked out into the road in-front of me; giving me a limited window of opportunity to stop and inevitably caused an unavoidable collision. The sheer force threw me off of my bike, rolling into moving traffic. People rushed from every corner of the street and from cars on the road to check that I was ok. Luckily, the injuries I suffered were very minor. I experienced some cuts around my ankle, burns from bike spokes painting the calf of my leg and a damaged shoulder.


The shoulder injury later turned out to be a few fractures around the socket and damages to my ‘squishy bits’ (as described to me by the Danish nurse who massaged my shoulder in one of the most awkward and painful ten minute periods of my life). I was more upset by the fact I had broken the phone holder I bought for my bike a few days before the incident (you may say that this is sad, but those of you who have visited Copenhagen will understand my pain. The phone holders are hard to come across and are very expensive; retailing for around £20). I was very shaken up by the incident, having to sit on a bench for a while to calm my nerves and to replace my blood sugar levels which had collapsed (aided by the free Coke given to me by Dorthe, a shop owner close by).


The same night, after a busy day of working and travelling; I really struggled to sleep with the words “I Could Have Died!” rolling around my head. I didn’t realise the severity and impact this would have on me at the time of the accident, possibly after the major adrenaline spike my body was experiencing. I kept thinking back to the famous quote by Sean Covey: “Now think deeply. What have you done over the last year? How do you feel?” I personally felt like I had done a lot, I have developed well as a person over the last year; academically, mentally and professionally. But what does that mean to other people? (to use the words of Heather Small) “What have you don’t today to make you feel proud?” This probably hit home the most, although I just said I have developed well as a person I felt as though there is still so much more for me to accomplish/give with my time on this Earth.

This is the main reason for starting this blog; to share with the world my time on the “blue marble” we call home. I will be sharing many aspects of my life from my love of travelling and cooking to my time studying and even tackling mental health ‘dips’ along the way. Hopefully you find my blog relatable, interesting and an easy read. I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

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